Opening markets in Central and Eastern Europe

Succesfully start up your business

• Know the market and the country like the back of your hand.

Eastwards has a team of carefully selected, university trained partners at its disposal, who know their native country inside out and who are aware of all the ins and outs of the business market. Take off with us, and you can be sure that your Central and Eastern European projects will turn into a success story!

Language, culture and red tape

• Use the differences in mentality and culture to your advantage.

No need to worry about language barriers, the commercial climate, different economical growth patterns or economic policies. Let us do that for you. Many years of experience in Central and Eastern Europe enable us to surround you with the best professional care.

Invest or sell in Central and Eastern Europe

• Make sure you choose the right country (countries).

If you are planning to invest in Central or Eastern Europe, or to export to this region, you can rely on the Eastwards expertise. We offer advice and support during the entire process, from the initial planning stage up to a successfully performing business. Moreover, you can count on a personal and confidential approach.