Languages of Central and Eastern Europe

One stop for all languages of Central and Eastern Europe
Eastwards is specialised in a fast service, short deadlines and top quality for all languages from the former Eastern Block and Turkish. This includes all Slavic and Baltic languages, Romanian and Hungarian. A team of in house translators and freelancers, each of them working according to their specialty guarantees an outstanding quality. We work according to deadlines that seem unfeasible to some.

Outstanding quality
Our translations come standard translation plus proofreading plus checking included. Each done by other linguists. For an outstanding result: a top-end quality translation in a perfect lay-out.

A service designed for translation agencies
Most of our customers are translation agencies or printing houses. We know what is important to them. Therefore we designed a service specially adapted to their needs. For more information, see: For agencies.

No risks
We have a team of in house experienced and specialized translators: Slavists obviously, but also English/Dutch/ German philologists and Romanists. You have the right to a perfect translation, whichever language you translate into.

Service after delivery
Small changes after delivery, a changed source text, we do it with pleasure, even after having delivered the final translation. And this with a smile.