Agnieszka Stefanienko

After her linguistic studies at the Wroclaw University (Poland), she moved to the heart of the European Union to start up Eastwards. Today she manages the language department. She developed a business model that saves time and money to translation agencies working with Eastwards. As she speaks 6 languages , she manages and trains an international team of specialised linguist.

Besides all this, Agnieszka is a regularly asked international conference interpreter into and from Polish.
Tel.: +32 9 265 05 61

Peter Vanduyfhuys

Peter is Master in Applied Economics and earned his stripes at the Chambers of Commerce, where he was in charge of the Central and Eastern Europe desk.
Peter organised training projects for hundreds of companies from Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria, which gives him a good insight in how business is done in Central Europe. Managing the Opening Markets department, Peter supports companies investing or doing business in Central or Eastern Europe. He and his team of experts are often consulted for fine-tuning and optimising translations before being delivered.
Tel.: +32 9 265 05 62