Market studies
Before being successful, take a look at how large your market is, who the players are, and how the market is structured. We perform in-depth analyses of the local market(s). This way, there will be no surprises. And our strength: we compare countries for you, to find the most promising markets.

Market entry
Making the right choice from the very start will save money. Enter the market in the most efficient way: through distributors, your own branch, agents,… Together, we find the optimal solutions for your company.

Finding distributors or sales agents
Setting off with a wrong partner costs a lot of money. We find promising distributors or agents. We check their credentials, their experience, their customer base and action area.

Sales support
Markets change. Updating lists of potential customers, and interviewing them in their native language, gives you valuable ready-to-use sales information. We’ll do that for you. In most cases our work will provide you with leads, ready to be approached by your sales representatives.

Localisation search
Choosing the best location for your investment. Your Polish or Romanian friend might promote his local village; it is not necessarily the best location for your investment. We analyse your goals and compare them to local market opportunities, savings on labour costs, transport needs, and the low flat tax rates of Central and Eastern Europe.

Legal start up of your business
Administrative formalities are one of the regions specialities. Red tape, you don’t need it. It is better to concentrate on your future business. Therefore, we’ll help you out with all this, saving time, and avoiding mistakes that will cost money.

Investment support
Once you have invested, many small problems and questions arise. We don’t leave you to deal with that on your own. We consider it our duty to help you until your investment is smoothly running and local management can take over.