From the German-Czech border to the Ural Mountains, and from the Baltic to the Black Sea, Central and Eastern Europe is a dazzling puzzle of business opportunities.

Although most Western Europeans and Americans think of this region as being homogeneous, this is not really the case. Every single country is quite different from the others, and all offer different opportunities.

If you want to invest in a country, you better choose the right one. And if you want to sell, take into account that selling in Poland is just not the same as selling in Russia. This is exactly what your Eastwards consultants will help you with: being successful in those countries best suited for you.

Generally we work for you in 5 groups of countries:

• Members of the European Union since 2004
Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia
Even within that group, the economical, political and social evolutions differ
greatly - not to mention the culture.

• Members of the European Union since 2007
Romania and Bulgaria

• Those applying for membership or in partnership
Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia

• Europe’s new neighbours
Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus

• And the Russian Federation